By Mitch Seabaugh, Director, Georgia’s Path2College 529 Plan (P2C)
April 5, 2013

How have you faired with your bracket? Many probably had Louisville in their Final Four. Maybe Michigan or Syracuse too. But, what about Wichita State? How many people, when they sat down and looked at the 68 teams, actually had Wichita State advancing to the Final Four? They were a ninth seed in the West Region and finished second in the Missouri Valley Conference. Guaranteed, the players and staff at Wichita State did!

They had their sights set on the goal of a national championship. They started preparing for this occasion way before the tournament; in fact they began preparation even before the season started. Years before setting foot in the Charles Koch Arena, each player worked on their conditioning and technique. With the assistance of staff, there to help maximize their potential, they began executing their plan that ultimately would result in a Final Four berth.

This moment took years of preparation and the same is true when it comes to planning for college. Preparation needs to begin years before the “occasion.” Conditioning and honing one’s skills by saving money for college will pay off big when done years in advance. Then, when the big time comes, neither you nor your loved one will be surprised that the resources will be there to accomplish what both of you have dreamed of for years – a college education at the college of your choice.

So, start now to save for college and you can be there in the Final Four. Go here to learn more about college savings and 529 Plans. Oh, by the way. The team name for Wichita State?? They are the Shockers!!

About the Author:
Mitchell W. Seabaugh currently serves as the Director of Georgia’s Path2College 529 Plan after eleven years of service in Georgia’s state Senate. As a former CPA, he understands the importance of financial planning and hopes to encourage Georgians to save for higher education. Additionally, Mitch is a member of the CSPN Federal Initiatives Committee.