The College Savings Plans Network (CSPN) Executive Board provide policy and administrative oversight for the organization to ensure that it meets its goals and objectives of helping American families achieve their educational dreams. The board’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Priorities are:


To foster initiatives and mobilize resources to promote and enhance 529 plans; to provide a forum for Network members to exchange information and ideas.


Broad awareness, understanding, and use of 529 plans to empower families to save for postsecondary education.


1. Increase public awareness of the value of saving for postsecondary education through 529 plans.
2. Preserve and enhance federal tax treatment and other benefits for saving in 529 plans.
3. Maintain and improve access and appeal of 529 plans by advocating for favorable regulatory requirements.
4. Execute strategies for mitigating the impact of organizational turnover of experienced, engaged public and private sector CSPN members.

The following individuals are members of the 2024 Executive Board:

  • Mary Morris, Chair

    Chief Executive Officer, Virginia529

    Hon. Kimberly Yee, Vice-Chair

    Arizona State Treasurer

    David Lawhorn, Treasurer

    529 Manager, KY Higher Education Assistance Authority

    Rachel Biar, Past Chair

    Assistant State Treasurer, Nebraska

    Kristia Adrian

    Executive Director, 529 Specialist for JP Morgan Asset Management

    Kerry Alexander

    Senior Director, Education Savings, TIAA Tuition Financing

    Angela Baier

    CEO, CollegeInvest

  • Hon. Zach Conine

    Nevada State Treasurer

    Hon. Colleen Davis

    Delaware State Treasurer

    Hon. Steven Johnson

    Kansas State Treasurer

    Robin Lott

    Executive Director, Michigan Office of Postsecondary Financial Planning

    Luke Minor

    Director of College Savings Plans, WA529 and GET

    Lael Oldmixon

    Executive Director, Education Trust of Alaska

    John Stevens

    Director, Bureau of Savings Programs, Pennsylvania Treasury

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CSPN Bylaws 

CSPN Committees for 2024


Chris Hunter is Deputy Executive Director of the National Association of State Treasurers. He also administers the College Savings Plans Network’s programs and initiatives, working closely with the CSPN Executive Board. He is the point of contact and resource for all network inquiries and works with the board and network committees to achieve the goals and objectives of the membership. In addition, Chris works closely with the Williams & Jensen and Gold Bridge Partners to manage the federal legislative and regulatory initiatives, and maintain and enhance the CSPN website.