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    Note: Estimates generated by this calculator are based on national averages taken from the College Board’s Trends in College Pricing 2020. The estimates you receive may differ from your actual experience depending on the college or university your student attends.

  • College costs are increasing at about twice the rate of inflation each year and have averaged between 6-7% for several decades. The College Cost Calculator is designed to help you estimate how much college may cost when your student is ready to enroll. To use this college savings calculator:
    1. Select the age of the student you are saving for in the “Student’ current age” drop down.
    2. Select the type of college your student will attend in the “College type” drop down. Selections include: In-State Community, In-State Public, Out-of-State Public and Private College.
    3. Select a “College cost inflation rate”, if you know exactly what the inflation rate has been at the college the student will attend enter that number, otherwise the average national tuition inflation has been between 6-7% for many years.
    4. Select the number of years your student is planning to attend.
    5. Finally, select a “Calculation Type” – either “Tuition and Fees only” or “Tuition, Fees, Room and Board” then hit the “Calculate” button.