By Ross Loehr, Business Development Officer, Intuition College Savings Solutions

December 17, 2019


Another year is almost in the books and the holiday season is upon us again. This year has zipped by faster than any previous, and I think it has to do with it being my first year as a father of two. The 2019 holiday season is my daughter “Junebug’s” fifth.

As we celebrate the first holiday season for our son (Junebug nicknamed him “The Ploops”), it brings back memories of the first year we celebrated with Junebug. It was an exciting and joyous time. However, I also remember being nervous as I looked at the year-end balance of her 529 account. The accumulation of small, regular contributions over her first year didn’t seem like it would be enough to make a dent in her future college expenses. We requested family and friends to contribute to her 529 college savings as her main holiday gift and have continued this tradition every year since. We have also continued on with regular contributions to her plan.

When I look back at the last five years with my daughter, it’s amazing to see how fast she has grown. Each passing year has brought new challenges, triumphs, successes and learning opportunities for her and us as parents. It is also encouraging that her 529 account has grown along with her. The small regular contributions, birthday and holiday gifts and market growth have all started to add up.

As we celebrate our first holiday season with The Ploops, I’m looking forward to all of the experiences that are ahead for our family. I’m also reassured, knowing that by consistently contributing to his 529 plan, like we have for Junebug, we will be able to provide a head start on his future college expenses.

Every event, big or small, shapes our children’s lives, builds their confidence and prepares them for the future. In the same way, any and all contributions to their 529 plans will grow over time and help them on their path toward a higher education. Raising kids or saving for a child’s education can seem like an enormous undertaking when looked at in entirety. By taking things one step at a time and focusing on what you can do in the moment, each becomes much more manageable. The holiday season is a great time to slow down and focus on enjoying the journey.

Here’s to a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year!


About the author:

Ross Loehr is the Business Development Officer at Intuition College Savings Solutions (“ICSS”). For the last 30 years, ICSS has offered plan management solutions to the 529 industry. ICSS currently services ten 529 plans across eight states and administers over one million participant accounts. Visit or contact Ross at for more details.