By Ross Loehr, Business Development Officer, Intuition College Savings Solutions


“Daddy, what is college?” Junebug, my 6-year old daughter, looked up at me earnestly and inquisitively with her sparkling blue eyes…

Junebug and I were on a daddy/daughter bike ride date to enjoy some ice cream and celebrate her graduation from kindergarten. Bike riding is a skill she has nearly mastered since her early mishaps last year. We had run into an old college buddy of mine, and after we had gotten  reacquainted, Junebug and I pedaled off. That’s when curiosity got her, “How do you know him?” I told her I met him in a class in college. Then she hit me with the open-ended inquiry, “Daddy, what is college?”

I paused and pondered the question. Memories came rushing back … moving to a new city, knowing three other people at school, moving into my first apartment, getting evicted because of a bad roommate, moving to the beach, changing majors, making friends many of whom will be lifelong, joining clubs and organizations, staying up late studying, staying up late partying, working through group projects, acing tests, failing tests, amazing teachers, poor teachers, picking up a second major, dating and breakups, studying abroad in Europe for a summer, meeting my dream girl who eventually became my wife, graduating with a double major, making connections and expanding my network, and countless other influences that have shaped and still affect me even to this day.

I smiled at Junebug, who had been patiently waiting, “College is a place where you can make friends, have fun, learn a lot of new things and maybe decide what you want to do when you grow up.” She beamed back at me with a decisive grin. “That’s easy, Daddy! I am going to own a farm with unicorns, so I’ll go to college to learn how to do that!” Then she whipped around on her bike and said, “I’ll race you home!”

The best way to save for a future “Farmer with Unicorns” or whatever else a child can dream up as their future occupation is a 529 college savings account. Remember, every dollar saved is a dollar less in student loans!


About the Author:

Ross Loehr is the Business Development Officer at Intuition College Savings Solutions (“ICSS”). For the last 30 years, ICSS has offered plan management solutions to the 529 industry. ICSS currently services eleven 529 plans and administers over one million participant accounts. Visit or contact Ross at for more details.