Finding the right 529 plan can be intimidating. From fees to investment options, tax implications to financial aid, 529 plans vary across the country. Families considering saving for postsecondary education are encouraged to research and find the plan that works best for their family. This is why the College Savings Plans Network created two resources for finding the perfect plan. 

Find My State’s Plan” is the first. When researching 529 plans, one should always first consider their home state’s plan(s). A home state plan may  offer state tax deductions or credits, bankruptcy protection, exemption from state financial aid, or other incentives to residents. This new tool provides a map of the country with each plan hyperlinked into the graphic. Information appears below with specifics on plan basics, fees, state benefits, tax information, and more.

The next tool allows individuals to search and compare multiple 529 plans from across the country. With this tool, you can select plan features that may be important to you to search for and compare 529 plans with those plans your home state offers in addition to other plans. This “Search & Comparison” website will be your one-stop shop to find the perfect savings vehicle for yourself or your family.

With Financial Literacy Month right around the corner in April, take a couple of minutes to learn more about the financial resources available to you. Planning for higher education can be intimidating on its own, but don’t let the complexities of saving for it hold you back.