LaKesha Page
Director of College Savings, TNStars College Savings 529 Program
State of Tennessee Treasury Department
December 22, 2014

While the holiday season adds to my already full to-do list, the festivities of the holiday are truly enhancements to my family’s busy lives filled with work, school, extra- curricular activities, club meetings, church and social affairs.

I eagerly anticipate the holiday season each year- decorating, shopping, wrapping of gifts, volunteering, serving, visiting loved ones and partying, for all are not merely things that I am tasked to do, but rather, I am blessed with the opportunity to undertake them all.  I revel in the peaceful moments where I am able to reflect on why the holiday is important and to understand and appreciate the awesome opportunity that I have to be able to enjoy the holiday with family and friends, find joy in the memories of loved ones, and to help others.

As we near the apex of the holiday season, I wish you peace of mind in knowing the same.  As you reflect on those people and affairs of importance to you and prepare for what is to come, my wish is that you enjoy the holiday season, whether it be in moments when you are surrounded by loved ones or in the tranquil memories of loved ones lost, or in moments of reflection about what makes the holiday special to you and your family.

Additionally, I wish you peace of mind that you are saving for college.  My wish is that you have begun to prepare for your child’s future college costs, and if you have not, then you will take time during the holiday season and as the year approaches its end, to save.  My wish is that you encourage your family and friends to gift into your child’s college savings account.  It takes a village to raise a child, so encourage your village to be part of the process.  My wish is that you appreciate their generous gifts.  I find that most grandparents love to help cover college costs.  You may be amazed by their excitement to be part of preparing for your child’s future.  Further, I wish you comfort in knowing that you are on track to meet your college savings goals. Review your current savings to ensure that you are on track and that you will be ready when your child is ready to go to college. Finally, my wish is that you enlighten someone else about the importance of preparing and saving early for future college costs.  You may find that there are times during the holiday as you converse with others to share the importance of saving and why you have chosen to save.

All in all, I wish you peace this holiday season in all that you do – happy holidays!

About the author:
LaKesha Page, Director of College Savings, TNStars College Savings 529 Program
State of Tennessee Treasury Department