By Robin Lott
Executive Director for Michigan Education Trust
December 10, 2013

With Thanksgiving now a new memory, we are now smack in the middle of the holiday season. While you are busy decking the halls with bows and holly and searching for the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life consider this: why not give the gift of education? Higher education is a gift that keeps on giving and your state’s college savings program can help.

Section 529 prepaid tuition programs are an excellent way to begin a new college savings plan or add to an existing plan. As with any investment strategy, your savings portfolio should be diversified to include a variety of tools to help you meet your savings goals. A Section 529 prepaid tuition program can be the conservative part of your portfolio. And for those states with a tax deduction, now is the perfect time to get a tax benefit for the year.

Prepaid tuition programs offer peace of mind for you, knowing you will be able to provide for your child’s education. They can also provide incentive for your child, knowing that college will be a reality for them. Visit your state’s prepaid college tuition program and check one thing off your busy holiday schedule, the gift of higher education!

About the Author:
Robin Lott is the Executive Director for Michigan Education Trust, Michigan’s 529 prepaid tuition program. She also oversees the Michigan Education Savings Program(MESP) and the Michigan 529 Advisor Plan (MAP), Michigan’s 529 direct-sold and advisor-sold college savings programs. Michigan’s 529 savings programs represent over $4.8 billion in assets.