By Ross Loehr, Business Development Officer, Intuition College Savings Solutions

October 5, 2021


It was a typical midweek school night when I stunned my daughter with a revelation about my past as a first grader. Junebug was doing her math homework on the iPad as I looked on. The homework was a game that involved battling wizards using powers earned by solving math problems.

In between battles, Junebug looked at me and asked, “Daddy, what was your favorite iPad game for school when you were in first grade?” I flashed back to the sheets of paper and booklets filled with addition and subtraction equations. I remembered jotting down notes and answers with a pencil. I clued her in, “Junebug, we didn’t have iPads when I was in first grade.”

Junebug was so shocked that she put down the iPad to fully process what I had just told her before proceeding. “Wait, then what did you do?!?” Her face was a blend of pity and disbelief. I couldn’t help but laugh in return, but it also made me feel OLD! I shared how back in my day I used a pencil and paper to do my math homework. As I explained it to her, the process sounded antiquated to me as well. We talked about how I still learned the same subjects as her, even if it was through a different method. After taking in this revelation, Junebug said, “Well I’m glad you were still able to learn!” I smiled back at her, “Me too, Junebug! Now who’s the next wizard you have to battle?”

Even though the methods of education have changed and will continue to do so, some things never change. An education will always be important for children and their future. No matter how the learning process shifts, there will be expenses along the way. One of the best ways to help the next generation prepare for the future is by providing whatever resources you can so they can offset their educational costs. Any contributions to a child’s future help and the benefits of a 529 account generally make these accounts the best way to save!


About the Author:

Ross Loehr is the Business Development Officer at Intuition College Savings Solutions (“ICSS”). For the last 30 years, ICSS has offered plan management solutions to the 529 industry. ICSS currently services eleven 529 plans and administers over one million participant accounts. Visit or contact Ross at for more details.