By Lael Oldmixon, Alaska 529

May 8, 2020 

A “Pand-Epic Mother” is a mother, who during the pandemic, is particularly impressive or remarkable. This might be you if you have done ANY of the following:

  1. Got out of bed.
  2. Changed your clothes.
  3. Brushed your hair at least once this week.
  4. Baked bread or cookies (or anything else).
  5. Found flour or toilet paper at the grocery store.
  6. Cooked dinner or ordered takeout.
  7. Counted change with your child (math lesson).
  8. Ordered groceries online.
  9. Explained to your child why they can’t hug their friends.
  10. Sat with a child on your lap during a work call.
  11. Are managing the education of one or more children.
  12. Helped your child with college applications.
  13. Figured out second-grade math.
  14. Cut a family member’s hair.
  15. Bought an educational app (music, art, reading, math).
  16. Taught your kids a new “life-skill” like pulling weeds or changing a tire.
  17. Helped your child complete the 30-day Lego challenge.
  18. Read the same book to your kids at least 150 times.
  19. Planned and hosted a virtual party (graduation, birthday, social hour).
  20. Created a chore chart for your children (whether they are doing the chores or not).
  21. Figured out how to video conference with your kid’s friends.
  22. Created a neighborhood scavenger hunt for your kids.
  23. Purchased a new gaming console.
  24. Did a community service project with your kids.
  25. Opened, contributed to or checked the balance of a 529 account for your child.


Parenting during a pandemic is a truly remarkable experience. My guess is that if you’re a mom, you’ve probably done many of the items listed above and so much more. You deserve a parade or at least a poorly spelled homemade card. However you spend your Mother’s Day, I hope you recognize that you are pand-epic! My suggestion: treat yourself to a spa day — lock the bathroom door and take a bath.


About the author

Lael Oldmixon is the Executive Director of Alaska 529. She lives in Alaska with her pand-epic spouse and their two kids. To find out more about Alaska 529, visit