About D&L


In September 2020, CSPN put together a Diversity & Leadership working group to develop recommendations for CSPN’s Strategic Plan. The CSPN Diversity & Leadership Committee was established in response to those recommendations. 

The committee carries on the efforts of the initial working group with the goal of broadening representation in CSPN and creating educational opportunities for CSPN members.

D&L Committee Beliefs

  • Providing a forum for CSPN members and participants to confidently communicate.
  • Ensuring that all members feel welcomed and valued.
  • Working together toward our goal of helping families across the nation achieve their educational goals. We are cognizant that these families represent a wide-ranging spectrum of background and diversity.  We recognize that the best way to achieve this goal is by ensuring that discussions amongst and between leadership and members include a rich variety of perspectives 

D&L Committee Documents