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College: Expensive, but a smart choice
      7/27/2012 - It's expensive and no job is guaranteed at the end, but research shows that college could easily be the best investment you ever make.
Education Pays
      8/19/2011 - Today, Americans without an education are seven times more likely to be without a job.
Saving for college? 529 plan remains best choice
      5/16/2011 - Q: Is opening a 529 college savings investment plan a good idea even with such a volatile stock market?
College Savings Plans Cut Fees
      5/13/2011 - There’s a new front opening up in the ongoing price war among financial-services firms: 529 college savings plans.
Seven Strategies For Paying For College In Tough Times
      9/10/2010 - As incoming freshmen are heading off to campus, many parents and students are asking the question: How are we going to pay for college?
Starting a 529 plan for a child already in college
      8/13/2010 - Does it make sense to start a 529 savings plan for my daughter if she is starting college this year?
Strategies to Help Grandchildren Now, Not Later
      10/30/2009 - MANY grandparents want to provide a financial cushion for their grandchildren in the future. Bobbie Abrams, 76, has a more pressing concern: helping them with current expenses.
College-Savings Plans Don’t Need to Blow Up
      6/16/2009 - If you are saving for college in a 529 plan, you probably took a bigger hit than you expected during the 2008 market crash. What should you do now? Keep the plan or dump it? June 16, 2009, Bloomberg.c...
The case for 529 college savings plans
      6/09/2009 - I’ve written a fair amount here and in our money newsletter about the tradeoff between saving for your own retirement vs. a child’s college education. Generally I’ve come down on the side of making re...
Tough Questions On 529s
      10/31/2008 - This article answers tough questions, like: "How exactly do I avoid gift taxes on larger deposits?" "When should I take the money out?" "How do I make sure I'm not taxed on the withdrawals?" an...
Which College Accounts to Tap First
      5/28/2008 - Kiplinger.com - My son starts college this fall. Which account should I tap first to help pay the bills: a custodial account, his 529 college-savings plan or a taxable account?
Will Saving for College Hurt Financial Aid Chances?
      9/15/2011 - Many parents worry about this. Relax. Saving for college almost never hurts a family’s chances for financial aid.
Know state taxes before joining a 529 plan
      7/20/2007 - Sandra Block, USA Today - Suppose you're house-hunting and you stumble on a charming bungalow with fresh paint, new carpet and cheery flower boxes in the windows. If you're smart, you'll make sure the...
Website can guide confused parents through maze of 529
      3/20/2007 - Sandra Block, USA TODAY - You're in a restaurant, and the waiter hands you a menu that's 10 pages long. Do you carefully consider every entrée? Or do you throw up your hands, order the special and hop...
College Students Are Bearing More of the Tuition Burden
      7/27/2012 - Two years ago parents paid for 47 percent of college costs from income, savings, and borrowing; their share is now down to 37 percent.
4 Steps for Choosing Age-Based 529 Plans
      7/27/2012 - Some college savings accounts adjust allocations based on the age of the child who will use the money.
Update - February 29, 2012 (141.4 KB) - Chris Hunter
      9/07/2012 - Learn about College Savings Aggregator Services in this new update from CSPN.
Survey Shows 529 Prepaid Tuition Plans are Funded
      2/17/2012 - A recently-released survey shows that pre-paid tuition plans are currently 93% funded, up from 91% last fiscal year.
Tax-Savvy Ways to Tap Your 529 Plan for College
      8/16/2012 - Planning to use money in a 529 college savings plan, consider tax and financial aid issues before taking a 529 withdrawal.
Get a 529 Plan Boost From Your State
      9/14/2012 - Those who contribute to 529 college savings plans can take advantage of matching grants.
Review Your 529 Plan to Meet College Savings Goals
      10/17/2012 - Parents should follow these steps annually, since financial and family circumstances may change.
This college savings plan flunks the test
      12/07/2012 - Anna in Riverside, Calif., thought she was doing the right thing by securing her child’s college education with a life-insurance plan. Then she read my column last week about the Gerber Grow-Up Plan, ...
College aid: Don't take the bait
      1/24/2013 - Some advisers promote life insurance as the tuition cure-all. Yet a four-month investigation by MONEY has found that the people most likely to profit from this strategy are the planners themselves.
Creating an Admissions Strategy
      10/29/2013 - Strong grades, test scores and quality essays are essential for impressing college admissions officers, but experts say the timing of application submissions can also play a role in whether an accepta...
They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets
      11/13/2013 - At Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Me., admissions officers are still talking about the high school senior who attended a campus information session last year for prospective students. Throughout the pr...
11 strategies for getting financial aid
      12/16/2013 - If your high school junior or senior is preparing for college — it’s time you prepared to meet the FAFSA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the gateway to need-based financial aid, Feder...
The College Degrees That Get The Most Job Offers
      1/24/2014 - Nearly 70% of computer science majors had at least one job offer before they graduated from college last year, according to data gathered by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE)
Guide to Financial Aid: FAFSA, CSS and EFC
      7/30/2014 - This comprehensive guide to college aid, updated for 2014, will help you estimate how much your family will be expected to contribute toward the cost of college, provides links to Forbes new SmartSear...
Watch out for these financial aid schemes
      7/30/2014 - As the cost of college continues to rise, students and their families are growing increasingly desperate for financial aid of any kind, as they struggle to avoid loan debt or bankruptcy.
Limit the Impact of Grandparent-Owned 529 Plans
      8/21/2014 - Follow these strategies so withdrawals from a college-savings account don't hurt your student's chances for aid.
MPACT Reopens (74 KB) - Chris Hunter
      10/02/2014 - Following a comprehensive program review, including modifying the program, Mississippi reopened the MPACT program to new participants on October 1, 2014.
Mistakes Parents Make With Financial Aid
      10/15/2014 - Most families know the basics of college financial aid: Several months before school starts, students apply for assistance, parents detail their financial situations, and then everybody waits for the ...
College Planning Guide 2015
      11/19/2014 - Your destination for tips on applying to and paying for college on Forbes.com.
Estes Concerned with President’s Tax Proposal for 529 Plans
      1/21/2015 - State Treasurer Ron Estes today addressed concern with President Barack Obama’s proposal to apply income tax on withdrawals from 529 College Savings Plans used to pay for higher education expenses.
Obama's Plan Could Scare Families Away from College Savings
      1/21/2015 - President Obama is going to discuss a plan that could discourage lower income and middle class families from saving for college and even cost them free money.
Will 529 Plans Be Taxed?
      1/21/2015 - Now that President Obama has given his State of the Union address, a lot of people are buzzing about proposals surrounding free community college and 529 plan taxation.
Obama's 529 Plan Tax Hike Is an Assault on American Dream
      1/21/2015 - It’s pretty clear that the Obama White House and their allies on The Left just don’t get it when it comes to their proposed tax hike on 529 college savings plans.
Now He’s After Middle-Class Savers
      1/22/2015 - President Obama is pitching his new tax plan as a way to help the middle class at the expense of the rich. But middle-class savers are bound to notice if he achieves two of the White House’s stated go...
Are 529 plans really just a tax break for the rich?
      1/23/2015 - President Barack Obama's proposal this week to roll back tax benefits for so-called 529 plans exposes a fundamental disagreement about who is benefiting from these state-sponsored college savings plan...
Push to Tax '529' Plans Stokes Debate (503.4 KB) - Chris Hunter
      1/23/2015 - President Barack Obama's push to start taxing college-savings accounts, including the popular "529" accounts, would affect millions of Americans who are stashing money for their children's education, ...
Obama to Drop Proposal to End ‘529’ College Savings Plans
      1/27/2015 - President Obama, facing angry reprisals from parents and from lawmakers of both parties, will drop his proposal to effectively end popular college savings accounts known as 529s, but will keep an expa...
529 Plans for College: Now the Focus Turns to Enhancements
      1/28/2015 - With President Barack Obama dropping his proposal to raise taxes on 529 college-savings accounts, attention now shifts to legislation aiming to enhance the plans.
4 insider tips to get the best financial aid package
      4/13/2015 - Financial aid consultants offer some tricks for navigating the system and point out the biggest sources of confusion their clients encounter along the way.
3 Reasons to Avoid Life Insurance Policies for College
      4/13/2015 - Once their child is born, parents are often bombarded with literature and advertisements touting different methods to save for college. And with the promise of guaranteed rates of return, cash-value l...
Are Major Legislative Changes Coming for 529 Plans?
      5/07/2015 - Ever since the political backlash the president endured after talking about the possibility of taxing 529 plan earnings, legislation about improving 529 plans that was sitting still has now become a m...
529 plans can help you save for college
      5/27/2015 - There is a lot you need to know about your finances. So, I’m giving you a pass if you don’t know what a 529 plan is.
6 Financial Musts for New College Grads
      6/11/2015 - You did it! You passed your finals, you graduated from college, and you even landed the coveted job you have been working so hard to get. So now what?

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