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In 1991, the College Savings Plans Network was formed as an affiliate to the National Association of State Treasurers. Established to make higher education more attainable, the Network serves as a clearinghouse for information among state-administered college savings programs. Additionally, CSPN monitors federal activities and promotes legislation that will positively affect Section 529 plans.

CSPN provides a valuable networking opportunity for all state officials to gather and share their unique innovations and experiences in an effort to improve 529 plans and in turn, help the youth of this nation attain the educational goals.

Membership in the College Savings Plans Network is open to all officials and senior staff in the executive, legislative and administrative branches of state government with responsibilities in the college savings area. Private sector membership is available, as well. Members of CSPN meet annually to network with each other, review technical aspects of the different program types, and examine federal activities relating to college savings plans. In addition, a Management Training Institute is planned for program staff to provide training for program operations.

The phenomenal expansion in the number of programs and the interest in college savings plans has brought incredible growth to the College Savings Plans Network. Participation in Network events and forums has continued to increase as the Network strives to enrich the communication between its members and the public.

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