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The One: Finding and Affording Your Top Choice School

By Lael Oldmixon, Education Trust of Alaska
Sept. 29, 2014

During the college search process, many parents and their college-ready young adults pile into the trusty family wagon and drive from school to school comparing campuses for the right fit. You know the right fit…it’s the right program of study, the perfect location, or just that magical feeling in the pit of the tummy that says this college is “THE ONE.” 

There are a few minor imperfections that you may or may not overlook during the courtship with “the one,” but one thing doesn’t escape any parents’ attention: the sticker price. There are two things to know about the sticker price at many colleges and universities. First, the sticker price should never get in the way of applying for the dream school. And second, many colleges are open to negotiation. Financial aid may be leveraged to reduce the sticker price and make the final price much more attractive to future students.  

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