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College Savings Plans Network Executive Board

  • Betty Lochner, Chair

    Director, Washington Guaranteed Education Tuition
  • Hon. Young Boozer, Vice-Chair

    Alabama State Treasurer
  • Paul Paeglis, Treasurer

    Executive Director, Ohio Tuition Trust Authority
  • Hon. Michael L. Fitzgerald, Past Chair

    Iowa State Treasurer
  • James DiUlio

    Director, Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program
  • Linda English

    Deputy Treasurer - College Savings, Nevada Treasury
  • Hon. Ron Estes

    Kansas State Treasurer
  • Hon. Lynn Fitch

    Mississippi State Treasurer
  • Kathleen McGrath

    Director, PA 529 College Savings Program
  • Hon. John Perdue

    West Virginia State Treasurer
  • Patricia Roberts

    Corporate Affiliate Chair & Managing Dir., AllianceBernstein Investments
  • Hon. Rich Sattgast

    South Dakota State Treasurer
  • Lynne Ward

    Executive Director, Utah Educational Savings Plan

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Draft Plan

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